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Jaya Ancol Posts IDR177.84 Billion Net Profit Print
Friday, 22 March 2013 04:17
JAKARTA: PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol Tbk (PJAA) booked IDR177.84 billion net profit in 2012, increased by 9.82% from the previous year's performance of IDR161.93 billion. The company’s earning per share also increased to IDR111 per share from IDR101 per share. The profit attributable to parent entity was IDR178.15 billion. According to company’s financial statement published on Thursday (03/21), the increase in net profit was driven by operating revenue which increased by 12.94% in 2012 to IDR1.05 trillion from 2011 which was only IDR932.94 billion. The ticket revenue still becomes the largest contributor to the company's revenue, reaching 55.90% of total revenue. As for the real estate business lines showed the highest net margins growth than other business lines, reaching 25.83%. Meanwhile, the company’s cost of goods sold and direct expenses increased by 16.39% to IDR596.65 billion from IDR512.62 billion a year earlier. The company also posted IDR457.08 billion gross profit, up 8.74% from the same period in 2011 which amounted to IDR420.32 billion. The company's net margin decreased to 16.87% from 17.35% a year earlier. In terms of total assets, the company’s total asset reached IDR2.38 trillion, up 37.57% from the previous year of IDR1.73 trillion, while the company’s liability soared 93.25% to IDR1.07 trillion from IDR557.80 billion. (29/T07/TW)

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